"Aqua Buoy" flotation devices

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Ooh, saying stuff like that will get your post deleted. "Take it to the classifieds".

But you might well legitimately ask:

Remember those Aqua Buoy floatation devices from the 90s? Does anyone still use them things? Does anyone have a source for them, if one needs a bunch quickly? Has anyone actually used one and had it actually help them avoid drowning, rather than just being a buoy to mark the body?


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LOL this thread popped up in a search.  In case anybody ever still reads this stuff:
Aquabuoy are garbage and should never have been the device we depended on or allowed as the gadget that got you on loads near/over water.

in 1997 I was on a demo jump where 7 people landed in Monterey Bay.  I think 4-5 of my wet friends had these things and tried to use them.  IIRC, 2 didn't inflate at all.  The ones that did, you basically got a yellow inflated potato chip bag tied on by what looked like a piece of dental floss.  I'm not sure it would even be effective to help find the body, in spite of the joke/common description of these things.

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