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Others Looking at Worst Case Scenarios

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On 7/10/2022 at 6:12 AM, RonD1120 said:

Case in point: Sri Lanka

In what way?

They're a long way from 'SHTF'. 
They're in the middle of a severe economic melt-down.

There are significant shortages of essential goods.

It's largely blamed on the corruption and incompetence of the people in power (you know, like Trump was).

People are protesting in the streets.
The president and PM are supposed to be stepping down.

Are armed gangs roaming the streets?
Are 'preppers' shooting those armed gangs?

If so, I haven't seen anything on it.

Most 'preppers' have seriously stupid fantasies of fighting off armed mobs of 'gang bangers' from the major cities after food shortages drive them out to the countryside to loot and pillage. 
Of course, the fact that those same people would NEVER actually go to those areas because they know full well that the residents are armed to the teeth and scared to death of 'those people' doesn't seem to occur to them.
The kid that got shot at for ringing a doorbell to ask for directions is a good example.
Ahmaud Arbery getting murdered for going for a run in a white neighborhood is another.

These fools also have a really bad case of 'main character syndrome'.
They firmly believe that they will survive whatever 'collapse' happens. 
The fact that many of them have serious health conditions that require regular treatment and medications (that will both disappear) is not a big issue.
The fact that they make huge targets of themselves by openly announcing their 'preparedness' isn't an issue either.

That doesn't mean I'm against being 'prepared'. 

Personally, I have a supply of essential items that will keep me going for a few weeks if completely cut off. 
When the 'great toilet paper shortage' came along, I knew I'd be fine. I've had a backup supply that will last months as a matter of course since I moved into my house. Non-perishable food and water to last a month or so too.

But rebuilding society from the ashes of a serious event?

Very few people are able to do even a small part of that.
Even those who think they are prepared are woefully unaware of ALL the skills and raw materials that it would take. 

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