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Solution to high gas prices

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22 minutes ago, brenthutch said:

“the US government, powerful banks, and major corporations, including Google, Amazon, and Facebook, have redirected investments away from oil and gas and toward renewables, including ethanol. Indeed, much of the loss of refinery capacity is because several refineries are being retrofitted to process biofuels rather than petroleum.”

As usual, bullshit. It shows your ignorance about the oil and gas industry.

From the WaPo article linked by the blog post:


There is a large refining facility in Houston up for sale right now.

“If there was someone out there who believed this would be a strong business in the future, this is an asset they could buy,” said Jacques Rousseau, a managing director at ClearView Energy Partners, an independent research firm.

The problem: Nobody wants to buy it. There has not been a single viable bid.

Why don't you buy or invest in it, Brent?

I thought you were against government subsidies for renewables, does this mean you're arguing for the government to step in and buy this refinery?

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And just to re-emphasise about how refitting refineries for biofuels is just lying:

Bio-fuel feedstock is usually triglycerides. To process it into biodiesel, you need to split the glycerol from the 3 fatty acids, then put them through esterification to turn them into methyl esters. Then possibly add some additives depending on the application (jet fuel, etc). That's pretty much it. The other main biofuel is biogas, which is methane (with some H2S impurities). All that's needed for that is H2S separation.

Petroleoum refineries have fractional distillation columns, platinum formers, hydrodesulphurization units and a lot of other equipment that is simply useless and unnecessary  for biofuel.


So this blog post Brent links to accuses the Biden administration for lying, then lies about refineries being refitted for biofuels - when their link to the WaPo article says nothing of the sort.

Just a normal day for brent I guess, with several lies before breakfast.

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