At 2 grand, the last thing you need is pretty gear - old Racer SST advert

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1 hour ago, kleggo said:

yeah i know, it's just SST, not Racer SST.

The actual ad states, "The SST's -- both the standard and the new Racer -- are delivered with ripcords and housings as standard equipment"

So there is an "SST Racer", the fancy new model, which I'm guessing just got called / renamed the "Racer" later on.  So in casual conversation one could indeed probably call the Racer version of the SST a "Racer SST". 

It isn't quite the same, but one could describe a Micron container as a Vector III Micron or one of them Micron Vector III's.

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Pop-Top chest-mounted container was designed by Dan Poynter to help shorten the line-up for Ten an Speed Star competitors.. John Sherman's first piggyback container was the Super Swooper Tandem introduced during the mid-1970s. SST was a Strong Pop-Top chest type container sewn on top of a crude main container. Circa 179, Sherman introduced the SST Racer with a tapered, wedge-shaped reserve container to reduce the risk of snagging the top of the door frame. Back then Racers were the sleekest and slimmest rig on the market. Other manufacturers soon joined the race towards slimmer containers by plagersizing through-loops, etc. from Racer ... and the race was on!!!!!

Eventually, Sherman/Jump Shack/Parachute Labs dropped the "SST" part of the name and simply called most of their containers "Racers." Over the years, Racer got so many minor improvements that they are no longer compatible with original Pop-Top components. I thing 

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On 6/1/2022 at 2:25 PM, JerryBaumchen said:

Hi kleggo,

I remember seeing that ad back then and thinking, 'He could not be more right.'

Jerry Baumchen 

This ad and the fact that the DZ was a JumpShack dealer led to me to 3 purchases over the years.  As an FNG I could strongly relate to the message :)

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