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2 hours ago, Squeak said:

Things were obviously not right in his head.  It's fucking tragic and sad for everyone involved,  including Billy

Thank you Squeak saying that and thank you DFWAJG for starting this thread.

That thing that did that was not the Billy we used to know.  

Let this be a place to celebrate whom he was previously, not what he became and did at the end.

Blue Skies… asstrumpet.  ☹️

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It is not my place to judge that which I cannot understand (mental illness or breakdown), but this is heartbreaking. I'm reposting my initial post when I first heard the news on Facebook:                                                                                                               This is incredibly sad, tragic and horrific. I’m in total shock and so saddened. It’s tragic that Billy was unable to get help for himself and his family in time. Mental health needs to be a much bigger priority throughout the world, and we all need to keep our eye out on one another. Someone who has suddenly slipped into a mental delusion or psychosis is unable to help him or herself. We can only hope that with the right medications, support and therapy, tragedies like this can be avoided. May the family Rest In Peace.  

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