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Help me out on my dissertation and get a report on how you view risk.

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Hey guys, I am a university student conducting a survey on how extreme sports athletes perceive risk in different domains of their lives.

It would help me out loads if you could fill out the 5-minute survey, the results will take a couple of weeks, so bare with me.

Thank you for your time!

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Interesting set of questions.

I get that 'risk' in different areas is perceived differently and some people accept certain types of risk over others.

I found the 'honesty' questions kind of funny.

Personally, I have to maintain a fairly high level of honesty in my life for a few different reasons (primary one is that once I start lying to other people, I start lying to myself. If I start believing the lies I tell myself, then I'm in trouble.
So all the 'honesty' questions were a 'strongly disagree.'

Please publish your findings when you can.

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