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Been a long time since I have been here..

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It's been a long time since I have logged in, I haven't made a jump in 5-6 years (a long time) do to health issues. I might actually be done now. '21 started off with back issues,. Then a tore 3 rotator cuff tendons THEN Covid tried to kill me last year spent 12 weeks(from sept to dec)in the RICU. PE, Pseudomonas infection on the same lung with the PE, Bacterial and Viral pneumonia, lifeflight and a temp of 106.5 for 8 days.only 1 antibiotic work on the pseudomonas. The told me wife to start preparing for my funeral as they gave me a 3% chance of survival.

Then 2 weeks after I get out of the RICU, I have  a complete lung collapse in December. My whole reason for living was my daughters wedding on December 18th. I promised id be there and after 11 days in the hospital for lung surgery I got out on the 11th and was at her wedding in Idaho the following Saturday. She is my guardian angel.

Started 22 off with major back surgery on march 15. So while I have held out hope that id be able to jump (my neck surgeries kept me from jumping the last 6 years)n I may have to face the reality that I am done and that sucks! I am hoping and praying that I can at least make 2 more jumps with my 2 kids when my son turns 18.

Anyway that's my short sob story. I miss all you folks, its just hard to hang out here and not be jumping. it really really sucks. I am glad this place is still up and running..Blueskies.....go fast take chances

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