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Big Boy DZ's

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#1 - How big?
Even the places that take the bigger fellas have limits.

#2 - What kind of shape? 

Big like football linebacker big is different than 'fat' big.


#3 - What kind of jump?
I seem to remember the places that do the big guys use modified tandem gear to do AFF. For bigger people to do tandems, they have to have a smaller TI to stay under the combined weight limit.

My memory is saying that Skydive Dallas, or maybe one of the other Texas DZs was the place that did the bigger folks.
I'd hit up Chuck Akers and ask him.

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On 5/6/2022 at 3:08 PM, catfishhunter said:

Hey everyone. Long time since I logged in. I have a Tongan friend who wants to skydive. Needless to say he is a BIG MAN. know there used to be a couple of DZ's that would take the big guys up. Would appreciate some names of some DZ's. Thanks!

A friend of mine that's big and lived in So. Cal. had to first buy his own rig ( correct harness size and canopy approp. size of course), then went to Lodi for AFF. 

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