Squirrel Snatch Pilot Chute Weight

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Hi everyone! Do any of you happen to own a Squirrel Snatch pilot chute (not the SkySnatch), a scale, and have a few minutes to spare to provide me and interested readers with a weight figure for your Snatch model (without the bridle, chute-only)? Squirrel does not have the data at hand, so I thought one of you might be able to help me out. I know it's a lot to ask, but maybe I'm in luck. If you can weigh your chute, please don't forget to mention your exact model.

Thanks in advance!

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not much, 30 - 40 grams, not including handle.  I don't have a scale with that low of a resolution.

FYI, Squirrel makes PCs of differing diameters.


If you want more info, I suggest you contact Squirrel, but they may laugh.

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