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Paul R. Maclean

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Paul R. Maclean,  USMC ret.  NH state police ret,  USPA D-320, all around great guy, has passed. When I met him around 1993, he had taken a layoff from jumping longer than I had been alive. He had come back to our little DZ in Maine to see about getting current.  He had brought a rig along, an NB -6  I think. I don't know if he was planning on using it or just wanted to blow our minds.  While he was there, some of us were gearing up, getting ready to go flail, and he looked at us and asked, "where are you reserves? aren't you gonna put on your reserves?  All he knew was conventional gear.  

It wasn't long before he was current with new gear.  He brought in a trailer and was doing camera jumps and a little organizing.  

He was great to be around, a wealth of knowledge, not just about jumping back in the bad old days, but about the world in general.  He finally retired to the desert southwest  a few years ago, but always came back to visit every summer.  He will be missed.

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