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Gideon Yampolsky

Full face helmet with largest vertical field of view

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Need advice: which full face helmet has a visor extending lower (toward chin) so it allows eyeballs to look down as much as possible. I’m currentyly using Cookie G3 and when looking down I see helmet’s chin mold, i.e. my vision in that direction is somewhat blocked.

To make sense of what problem I’m trying to resolve, see the picture below.

The display is mounted in the position as low as possible for Cookie. If I will try to mount it lower than that, part of it would not be in the field of view, obscured by helmet’s black plastic. So I’m looking for helmet with  visor extending down, which will allow to mount display in lower position.

Looking at different helmets I got impression that Bonhead Aero has better vertical field of view.

Does somebody has experience with Bonhead or with other helmets and can advise on that matter ?


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