How many dropzones have you jumped?

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For those who like figures .

I have checked in my logbooks and I have jumped in 82 different DZs and locations (demo).
In Canada : Quebec, Ontario, In the USA : New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, California, New Jersey, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, In Europe : Belgium, Holland, France.
Those jumps have been made from 47 different airplanes, baloon, helicopters... using 34 different types of canopies. All of this during 42 years.
Learn from others mistakes, you will never live long enough to make them all.

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5 dz's in 2 different countries in my first year (UK and Spain).

An additional dz in the UK this year, and have sat around on weather hold at 2 more but didn't get to jump :S

Very lucky geographically because there are 5 dz's within a 2 hour drive of my house (one of which I still haven't managed to jump at, lol) with the nearest (part-time dz) being 25 mins away and one of my favourites being just over an hour away.

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