Banzai Skydiving?

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After some internet poking around, it appears that the freakonomics article on which the wiki entry is based is incorrect.

The article has Guinness world record editor Craig Glenday saying Yasuhiro Kubo took the challenge on September 2, 2000. Apparently this is true, but Craig was incorrect in his description of the world record, it was actually parachute and skydiver exit at the same time and then a delay of 50 seconds in free fall before hookup, not 50 seconds between parachute exit and skydiver exit.
It's flare not flair, brakes not breaks, bridle not bridal, "could NOT care less" not "could care less".

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I call the OP and wiki article "self aggrandizing propaganda that has tenuous links to reality."

That makes more sense. ... With skydiver and parachute exiting at the same time.
That fits the pattern of chute-less jumps. At least half a dozen guys have done chute less jumps since the 1960s. Most of them chased a buddy who held their parachute while one guy stowed his parachute inside a large mixing bowl. The bowl was stabilized by a drogue chute.

Shortly after North Americans learned how to do freefall relative work (formation skydiving), Canadian Bill Cole made the first and second chuteless jumps. Bill only wore a harness and dove after a buddy who was holding a round reserve. Bill did two chute less jumps.

"Skies Call" includes a series of still photos of a chute less jumper clipping his harness to a buddy who was wearing a regular skydiving rig, then he hung below on long risers ... more like a rucksack hanging below a military jumper than a modern tandem. The photos in "Skies Call" were published (circa 1980) before modern tandem was invented.

Several chuteless jumpers have also chased buddies who held complete skydiving rigs until they clipped onto leg straps.
A Frenchman also did multiple chuteless jumps where he clipped onto a buddy who wore a tandem rig. Sadly, French exploits are not easily accessible to English-only speakers.

The recent revival of chute less jumping was led by (motorcycle stuntman) Travis Pastrani who jumped out of a Porter wearing only athletic shorts. Later in the video, we see his (parachute wearing) buddy clipping onto a climbing harness concealed in Pastrani's shorts.

Now (since 1980) wind tunnels can be used to match fall rates, much of the mystery and danger has disappeared from chute less jumping.

What twist will the next Cole or Pastrani invent?

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