Sabre2 vs Safire2

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I'm pretty interested in this topic as well.

Have been using an old Hornet and am trying to decide between the Sabre 2 Safire 2 and the Pilot. Don't really know if I want to go and stick the $$ into a new lineset on it or not :/

Guess mainly what I want is the canopy with the BEST possible flare available in ALL conditions as where I jump conditions can change fast.


All of those canopies have the BEST possible flare if flown in the BEST possible way.

A canopy course will make 200x more difference than the choice between a Pilot, Sabre II, or Safire II at a given size. Even your Hornet is a contender, I love those canopies they were ahead of their time, once you tame the opening. :D

They all have slightly different flare characteristics, so the perfect flare technique to hit the sweet spot and keep the canopy flying is going to be different for each one.

The point for you to take away, is that a perfect flare under each canopy with have equally acceptable results.

Demo all of them, and find the canopy which has flight characteristics that you like the best.

It is very personal, my friends loved their Safire II's. I loved the openings when I head a heavy camera helmet, but I hated the toggle pressure it was too soft for me, I liked that feedback of a canopy with higher toggle pressure. But I can put them all down on the ground for a nice landing.
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IF this article is accurate, youre looking at significantly more ellipticity in a safire 2 vs a sabre 2 (regardless of both being semi-elliptical)

i think i can relate to what this article says. ive flown both canopies. I had a safire2 129 (dont even fucking start with telling me what wingloading i should/shouldnt be flying please), and as much as i loved it, it REALLY was much more sporty than the sabre2s i had flown. I got bit hard in the ass during my (at the time) unstable wingsuit deployments - my first and only cutaway was on the safire2 and both risers pinned my fullface helmet down against my chest where i could not see my altimeter, and the horizontal spin i was in got really violent really quick. No problems at all, cutaway and landed without incident, but for wingsuit flying i immediately sold the safire2 for a much more docile canopy.

is it weird that by far that was the funnest jump of my life, hands down?

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I believe that a Hornet is the same as a Pilot. Perhaps someone on these forums can confirm that.
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I believe that a Hornet is the same as a Pilot. Perhaps someone on these forums can confirm that.


Hornet is basically a sabre 1

Also every elliptical canopy that's not a Crossfire or made by PD is a Stiletto copy (even those that came out beforehand).

Both of these are entirely untrue. The Hornet is closer to a Pilot than a Sabre (to which it's a totally different shape), but it's not the same thing even though there is some historical relationship between the companies and designs. Where do people get this stuff about the Sabre though?
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