I made a interactive quiz of the sigma EP

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Cool idea! Thanks

Found this first error, but maybe it is just a difference in expected terminology. On the side spin with drogue side up.

First attempt side spin recovery, correct.

Next, unable to recover from side spin.

Deploy drogue aggressively was selected as the next EP step, which was marked red as incorrect.

It looks like it wanted deploy drogue, but in my opinion if you find yourself drogue side up and still in a heavy side spin, you really want to huck that mother so it clears you and your student.


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That is per the manual. Or specifically the manual tree says "Deploy drogue immediately". Per manual deploying drogue aggressively is only described in text for unrecovered instability on exit. In the tree it's different... Personally I don't like having drogue non aggressivily as an option.

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