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Consew 225 Pricing

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I have a friend (non-jumper) who has a Consew 225.

Straight only, no zig-zag.

No reverse.

Clutch motor.
Standard table (what I've always seen a commercial machine on).

It's clean and runs well.

She isn't using it, and is thinking about getting rid of it.

What sort of price should she start at?
Can anyone who knows the values of these give me an idea?
Or point me to some sort of pricing guide?


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20 hours ago, gowlerk said:

They are copies and share parts with Singer 111s. Somewhere in the neighbourhood of $500 to $750 is where I would start thinking. 

Agree with this. I bought a Consew 225 on CL for $500 and it has been my most reliable workhorse for a long time. Anything more than $700-$800 and I vote look elsewhere

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What RiggerLee say's ...  it what ? .. at minimum an old 40+ year old Consew , with an old timing belt, Old hook/bobbin assembly , old clutch drive , small bobbin , No reverse .
if it was 'real' clean and clean table, Running smooth and lays down a nice stitch . ..  in the year 2022 .. 'Maybe' 500-$ would be the top price .

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