Rate of decent for a cutaway main?

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Other times they stay partially inflated and mostly untangled and float off for what seems like days!

Yeah I had one like that. Some places are worse than others.

As a good example for the OP, I just saw this on a skydiving gear facebook site, posted by a friend about his chopped canopy:

"Last seen in a thermal over Perris heading SE at 8k in 30mi/hr winds probably never to be seen again. White with blue centre cell, red and blue ribs attached to Vector 306 free bag (skyhook equipped) with stowless vector bag, vector risers etc etc. "

This was after chopping at 2,000 ft.


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***Does anyone know or want to take a guess at what the rate of decent for a cutaway main would be?

if it is baglocked, it will fall faster.


Bag-locked canopies fall faster than a jumper hanging under a reserve. I have watched one or two of my male land before me.

OTOH wadded up and partially-inflated canopies tend to fall slightly slower than reserves, so they land within a minute and a couple hundred yards (metres for Europeans) of the jittery jumper.

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