BASE is back on Dropzone.com - Thank you

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Thank you for all who ran basejumper.com

thank you to all that arent on social media

and thanks for at least preserving the knowledge base. I have spent hours reading incident reports, especially newer, more scientific analysis of what happened. And I know its not unique, many of my BASE friends did the same. I believe I learned so much from basejumper.com and think it played no small part in surviving BASE

so to the people who lurk out there, and have outlived many of our mates, we arent all on facebook, so its nice to be able to see whats going on...

not spam, true words


and an open invite to an ex-X athlete rehab center in the Zululand, South Africa. Yes there are exits here, yes they are fun, yes some are legal. and motards and sidecars and cobras (ask chuma)


PC Ian Flanders


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if you can't get them into a searchable archive let me know and i may be able to host them read-only for reference.  i have to check the amount of bandwidth but have unlimited size on mine.  all i ask is that you buy me a beer on bridge day.

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