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Where can I get skydiving travel insurance ? uk jumper

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I use regular travel insurance with "extreme sports" module* in combination with the supplementary insurance of my national licensing organisation, the Royal Dutch Aeronautical Assosciation (KNVvL).

It won't cover all the bases, especially gear costs after cutaway, but at least I'm medically covered.


*Do your research. Some insurance companies specifically exclude everything except on-piste skiing from this module in their General Terms.

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On 10/14/2021 at 1:14 PM, philhalper said:

that worked , thanks 


On 10/13/2021 at 5:51 PM, MickPatch said:


Mick Patch I'm sending this because you are a UK jumper and I assume you are using insure4sport to jump outside the UK:

I also went on the Insure4sport site as I have previously insured my USA and Spain trips through IHI-Bupa and Towergate, neither of whom offer cover for us any more. I thought I would drill down a bit as, on the face of it, insure4sport seemed perfect. I contacted their helpline via e-mail and asked a load of questions. This is the final reply I received;

'' We can cover the equipment against damage and theft. We can provide personal accident cover this is more of a benefit policy so provides cover if you suffer serious injury for instance broken arm. It just doesn’t provide cover when are outside of the UK for medical bills or repatriation.''        

So on the face of this, if you were jumping at say, Elsinore, and had to be hospitalised due to a skydiving injury, you wouldn't be insured under their cover. 

I can send you the e-mail thread privately if you give me your e-mail address but I would say that, depending on what overseas jumping cover you require, you should double check that you are safe with insure4sport. 




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6 hours ago, philhalper said:

thanks, i did but this policy so oops, any other suggestion?


Soz - I'm still digging around but if I find anything I'll let you know. Will ask at DZ tomorrow and see if I get a result there. As said in my earlier message, double check with insure4sport to set your mind at ease, one way or another.

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Appreciate this is an old thread now, but looking for Insurance to cover me for jumping in the USA.

Have a BPA and USPA membership / license and looked at Insure & Go.. On the web page it says "Skydiving" but if you look at the policy wording, it says - Sky Diving (indoor only) 

Need to look at virgin silver.. the only option i have found so far (not read the policy wording yet) is www.bigcattravelinsurance.com which appears to be very expensive and i'm sure will have another loop hole..

Has anyone else found a policy to cover UK jumpers in the USA?

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