Anyone use Skydiving to manage their ADD/ADHD?

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Hey gang...

So I talk all the time about how I use my ADHD to my advantage, and usually mention that I started skydiving as a way to keep it in check, and even benefit from it - I've since met a handful of others like us who do the same thing.

Reason I asked is this - I launched a podcast last month called www.fasterthanormal.com, that focuses on the benefits of having ADD/HD, and showcases/interviews brilliant people who have figured out how to turn their ADD/HD into their advantage, like I have.

Wondering if anyone here has been diagnosed, and uses skydiving as a way to medicate, and if so, would want to be a guest on the podcast? We've had several CEOs, celebs, etc., on so far, including the CEO of Docusign, the Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Boston, etc.

Any takers? Shoot me an email - [email protected] - Would love to talk to you and learn your secrets!

And, (self-promotion here,) if you think you have it, or know/love/work with someone who has it, take a listen/subscribe to the podcast. I've been told it's quite helpful. :)
"Why'd you track away at 7,000 feet?"
"Even in freefall, I have commitment issues."

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