I'm stalling my legwing!?

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after my first flight course I had lot (approx. 50) flights with my Prodigy 2. They went quite well.

After that I switched to an used Phantom 2. There the flights were ok, too. 

But now I've bought a new Piranha 4 and it doesn't feel so well at all.

The suit fits, I got pressure on my booties on the ground.

But in the air, it seems, that I'm stalling my legwing. No pressure at all. Sometimes it feels like there was no legwing at all. The flights are also quite unstable (wobbling from front to back or from side to side).

However, the plain data doesn't look too bad:

Glide ratio: 1,8

Airtime: about 120 seconds between exit (13.000 ft) and deployment (about 5.000 ft)

Distance: approx 3 - 3,5 miles

horizontal speed: 94 miles/hour

vertical speed: 55 miles/hour.


Any suggestions? What might I be doing wrong?

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Probably flying the suit too flat - when you approach stalling you start to buffet. Do you get the same at a steeper angle/faster airspeed?


Not familiar with the piranha, but squirrel's swift definitely needs to be flown significantly faster than Phoenix fly's beginner suits.

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