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Packed Icarus JFX / JFX2


Hello everybody

I have got a question about JFX canopies. One of my friend has a JFX (119sq/ft) and/but feeling a confusion in his mind that;

When the jfx/jfx2  canopy is packed, if not being jumped during the day and stays packed like that, should the the parachute be opened again (the canopy, taken out of the container and deployment bag, and be kept like that unpacked because of the JFX canopie's special fabric complexity etc.) On the ground until next jump even for in couple days or NOT?

Shortly, can we keep the canopy packed untill next (couple days later) jump there may be in 2-3 days later? Can we keep the canopy (packed) for more than 2-3 days, or how long can we keep the JFX main canopy packed for the next jump mostly?


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