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I have forgotten my password and have tried to reset it. I get the “your account is locked” emails but I don’t get the password reset emails in my inbox or junk folders. 

This has been going a couple of weeks now. I contacted a moderator who in turn contacted DZ Admin. 

I received 4 password reset emails yesterday morning at 4am. I assumed they were from DZ Amin. When I pressed the “reset password” button I got a 404 error page not found .

Were these from DZ Amin or something else?

Any chance I can get some help?

My phone is still logged in. This is my only contact with DZ. 

The moderator suggested I post the problem here  


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Good day,

We had an issue with system emails after our moving to a different host. The problem you encountered was that the emails were being sent to a spam quarantine section. After working through this with the host, they then released all the emails. So you may have gotten a bunch of emails that had been sitting in the quarantine.

The 404 error may be related to expiration of the URL. Often, system generated emails that contain unique URLs (Like are sometimes used for passwords) may expire.

I would suggest trying to do a password reset again from the site, now with the email fixed, you should get the reset email immediately. If you do still have issues then, please let me know so I can further investigate.

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