What's your favorit logbook app and why?

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I 'm low tech- pen and paper log books. 

Sure apps and such are cool and give you stats to geek out on. They just don't have the personal touch of getting signatures and having my written description of the jump.

I also like it to keep track of number of jumps on that particular canopy or line set. I swap between a few different sizes of CRW canopies and it's easy to note which I jumped in the equipment used box on the page.

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When I moved to Florida in 1998 and began working for the public school system, I learned how to use a database program called FileMaker Pro. I got to be fairly good at it and bought it for my computers at home. I used it to create my own log book database and I use it to this day to document and track a wide variety of skydiving data. It was a pain going through many log books to enter old data but it was worth it. It's probably on the primitive side compared to what's available today but it works for me.

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