Amazon drone delivery chaos

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So after having lobbied Congress and the FAA into over-regulating a hobby with an almost perfect safety record for over 60 years, it looks like Amazon (and others such as DHL)have decided that drone delivery isn't going anywhere.


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1 hour ago, NewGuy2005 said:

What was the plan to prevent some curious person or dog from being cut up by the rotors?  I have a friend that flew electric RC planes.  He suffered a horrible prop strike injury to his hand.

Plan?  What plan?  

Public safety was not part of the FAA regulations.  The regs were put in place after Amazon (and others) lobbied Congress so as to get unrestricted access to low altitude airspace for their planned drone deliveries.  Now that reality is setting in that such deliveries are unlikely to materialize, the regulations still remain in place.

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