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Bill Booth, movie star?!

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Yes you did. I think that's also his seaplane with him flying it. If I remember the story right, supposedly Tom Cruise learned to skydive at Deland while he was in Florida filming Days of Thunder. I guess he liked Bill and thought his beard was filmogenic, so he found a place to use him.

I knew a guy who used to work for one of the major film set catering companies, one that Cruise requested on his sets. Cruise knew my friend was a jumper, so a couple times when they were on location, Cruise had him (secretly) find a nearby dz he could jump at on days off.

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11 hours ago, mccordia said:

Incorrect...proof was a short film that Fandango was based on. Truman Sparks is the same actor/person in both.

Well, no and yes. My comment was a tongue in cheek response to gowlerk's comment that the 'greatest movie ever' was Fandango, ostensibly based on that scene. I was saying that 'Proof' was the greatest.

'Proof' was director Kevin Reynolds' film school project when he was at USC. When he wrote and directed 'Fandango', he inserted that script into it and re-shot it with his new actors, including the young Kevin Costner. And yes, he used the same guy for Truman Sparks.

I still use the 'two shots at that mutha' line in my fjc's.

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