What Lens Focal Lengths, Shutter Speeds, Aperture, & ISO do you recommend?

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Im looking to get into camera flying and wanted to ask here for some input. I was assuming wider angles are more favored than full frame (35mm) and up. Also wanted to know what typical aperture, shutter speeds, and ISO values are recommended. Photos will be taken of tandem students and occasional friends. 

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I jump my A6000 with a 20mm pancake lens with an ultrawide converter making it similar to a 16mm. i tried a 16 but felt I lost more quality around the edges than the above setup. (skydiving isn’t the only thing I shoot) ss 800-1000/th, ap3.2-4.2ish, iso 100. whatever camera you get there may be other settings to take into consideration but this will get you in the ballpark.

learning about cameras in general would also be a great advantage to get the most out of it. I would say there’s more to learn about it than you could with skydiving, but learning the exposure triangle and how you camera reads different lighting conditions. can help you setup your camera for better pictures. for example a snow covered background would make your camera think the highlights are blown out and if left in auto mode, you would end up with pictures of grayish snow and dark faces. when you get your camera, keep it on the ground for a little while and really learn how it works in different conditions before you mount it to your helmet. focus areas, driver speeds, subjects in motion versus still, contrast focus vs phase focus, ect. 


with all that said I do enjoy using it on the ground as much as in the air. I haven’t done any work jumps, just mostly for my enjoyment.

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