New skydiving gloves

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Nothing new. :S I have a pair of webbed gloves from the 80's in the gear cabinet downstairs. Just saw them last week.

Make sure you practice pulling and your emergency procedures.:)

I have SOOOO MUCH stuff.[:/] But the one that dies with the most stuff wins!B|

I'm old for my age.
Terry Urban

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There is a film (no vid in those days) from the 70's of a guy flying up to the cameraman, waving with webbed gloved hands, turning around and just hammering the star, blowing it up. He left the DZ, came back a couple hours later with a T-shirt with a big funnel on the front.
U only make 2 jumps: the first one for some weird reason and the last one that you lived through. The rest are just filler.
scr 316

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