PD Pulse vs Aerodyne Pilot opening

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I jump a Pilot and the openings are definitely its strong point.  Pulse if I remember correctly has harder than average openings - very surprised to hear you mention that it has soft openings.  So I would imagine Pilot will have much softer openings than a Pulse.

The other thing that a Pilot has that a Pulse does not is flare power.  People who demo the Pulse typically end up landing on their ass a lot.  Pilot doesn't have S2/3 flare power, but enough for a proper two stage flare.  Pulse just does not.

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On 7/11/2021 at 1:21 PM, babuja said:

Hi all,

What's your experience on openings with this 2 canopies?

Pulse is known for having soft, short and consistent openings.

How does the pilot compares?


Thank you.

I jumped a Pilot for about 150 jumps and now a Pulse for approx. 150 jumps. I like the openings of the Pulse much more, because it opens faster (not hard!). The Pilot sniveled too much for my taste (but it was a very old canopy - maybe because of that). Also the Pulse has 95% on heading openings - I love it. It's true...the flare is not that good, but once you figure out the technique it's totally okay.

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