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Baltic Wingsuit Meet 2nd edition - AWF 18 World Record

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The Baltic drop zone and Madeinblue.pl invite you to the Baltic Wingsuit Meet 2nd edition.


Last year's BWM event made a huge impression, we will follow the blow and launch the second edition where everything will be x2.

Check video form last year event:

Our goal is to break the AWF World Record 18

Prepare yourself for an amazing week in Poland where everything is possible and our imaginations are limitless.

Due to COVID19, the information about the boogie is a bit late but don't let it intimidate you. Let’s boogie!

The event is scheduled from August 23 -27 to increase the probability of perfect weather.

We have prepared two Turbo Finists (+ Caravan on stby), experienced pilots ready for AWF (Airplane Wingsuit Formation), and the fantastic WS load organizers.

The event includes:

  • 5 lively days (August week, weather permitting)
  • WS jumps in groups of 4 - 9 people led by experienced LO. - Free Fly" Rob Heron (CAN), Daniel Culbertson (NOR), Piotr Walasek (POL)
  • Jumps from two planes flying in formation
  • Attempt to establish the AWF World Record 18
  • XRW
  • Landing on Vistula Lagoon beach
  • Sunset / Night jumps
  • BBQ, Food Trucks,
  • Lottery with prizes from our super fantastic sponsors:
  • Airglide Wingsuits, DEEM Flywear, Aerodyne, Skylark Pictures Entertainment, Paragela Manufactura, Flyspot
  • 27 WS slots avaiable
  • Min. 7-10 jumps per day - 4,500 meters

Be prepared for:

  • Entry fee 250 EUR
  • Plane ticket price PLN 120 (~EUR 26)
  • Minimum of 40 jumps per person.

The event is intended for advanced WS pilots (ATC/STRIX and faster).
Beach/Night jumps (terrain landing) only for participants with at least 500 jumps on the account.

We will help with the transfer to and from the airport and the train station in Gdańsk.

To register for an event, please fill out this registration form:


We will process all answers and send out a confirmation letter for everyone. Deposit fee payment details will be sent to you upon filling out the registration form above to your E-mail.
You will need to confirm your slot by transferring a deposit fee by July 31, 2021. All slots that are not confirmed by this date would be given to other people queued for the slot.

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