Airbrushed Helmets??

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There are a fair amount of folks out there that have custom painted helmets.

A good friend had a local tattoo artist do his helmet with an eagle motif.

Edit: Had Marissa at Compass & Crow mentioned, and a link to her FB page...
That announced her retirement. Oops.

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1 hour ago, wolfriverjoe said:

You might ask around the motorcycle shops local to you.

Some places do airbrushed helmets, some do stuff like tanks & fairings.


Stupid story, related...  I'm old, and old-school. I still wore frap hats long after many jumpers didn't know what they were. So, some years ago at a school I was working at, a friend of mine put a guy through AFF who did exactly the above - he was a talented painter and did helmets and tanks for a motorcycle shop. So my friend had an essentially brand new helmet, and this guy took it and painted it for him with a really well-done design. Well, my friend couldn't bring himself to jump it because he was afraid it would get scratched up. So it hung in his locker for a couple years while he jumped his old helmet. One day he saw me getting ready to go on an AFF jump, and he noticed my frap hat. He grabbed that helmet out of his locker and handed it to me. 'Here, this thing is pissing me off, you take it. Just promise me you'll wear it doing student jumps.' I still have it...

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