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So are there no other requirements other than minimum distances to obstacles, for an LZ size? 

Eg, USPA (at least in my older 2018 SIM) shows 330 ft to an obstacle for a solo student.

So can one open a DZ with an LZ that is a 661 ft circle?  Is that sufficient or is there some other rule that would make the USPA say "Nope, you need to have a decent sized landing area, PLUS the 330 ft in all directions."


(Mind you, as a novice at USPA rules, I can get into other weird musings about the BSR rules:     Trees covering less than 32,292 sq ft are NOT an obstacle?   A concrete runway is not listed as an obstacle?  So you can put a student LZ ontop of a 100' * 100'  forest surrounded by runways & taxiways?   Either I'm missing something or the BSRs in this case are way too lax compared what any actual DZO would do.)

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