Flying flag in freefall

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I want to fly a small american flag about my head, in free fall. It's a 2" x 3" or something like that. At exit I am planning to hold it in a ball, with both hands by the corners.

Any tips, especially safety tips, are all welcome!

Blue Skies!

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To the leg, in freefall? I think not!

I did not say in freefall.

Stow it away in a pouch or in your jumpsuit for the freefall portion.

Then use carabiners to attach one leading edge to your shoe, especially if the rear of the shoe has a built in loop back there, and the other leading edge to your leg strap ring or whatever's convenient.

Been there, done that, never a problem. As long as it's on the opposite side from your deployment side, usually the left side.

I've also done it from the bottom of the riser to the leg strap ring. No issues. But then again, I'm anal about doing demos with flags, I want to make sure everything is down pat.

Edit to add. My bad for not reading the original post including "in freefall".

In that case, I've never done that. But all pictures and videos I've seen, the jumpers held them in their hands. It helps to set up some kind of handle attached to the flagpole rope holes for easy gripping. But always, if you hang onto it through canopy deployment, hold the flag in the left hand if you deploy your canopy with your right hand.

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