What are the names of the skydive licenses at the world?

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Australian Parachute Federation

British Parachute Association

Canadian Sports Parachuting Association/Association Canadienne des Parachutistes Sportif

Federation Aeronautique International (international sporting group that organizes world-level competitions)

Federation Francais du Parachute

There are several national organizations in New Zealand with some of them being mere fronts for tandem factories.

Parachute Industry Association represents hundreds of parachute factories around the world

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USPA issues the following licenses:

Each one comes with an individual number. My D license number starts with 3 and has 4 more digits. Some where out there someone has D 33333 from a few years ago. USPA isn't the license name, D 33333 is.

Does that help?

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Hello brow,
I understand, but I am needing know about name of license.
In Brazil is CBPQ, in USA is USPA.
I need to know the name of the licenses of other countries, its shape well.
The example, my license in Brazil is CBPQ 75.999

Australia APF, Licence A B C D E F, each with a personal number. this does not include instructor, coach or display ratings.
Instructors have another level Instructor A (IA) B C & D Instructor Examiner.
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ABCD mainly from what I have seen, novice to expert.

There is a difference between a License, and a Rating.
You cannot loose your license, but you can loose your rating

You can be grounded though. LOL - even for life.

Ratings below:

JM Jumpmaster
AI Artistics Instructor
FF Flat Fly or old school freefall
TIstr Tandem Instructor on Strong
CPI Canopy Piloting

blah blah blah
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Canadian Sports Parachuting Association issues A, B, C and D Certificates of Proficiency. A few old skydivers still hold E C.O.P.s.

In cooperation with the Coaching Association of Canada, CSPA also issues skydiving coach and instructor ratings.

CSPA's Technical Committee trains most of the Riggers in Canada and recently started issuing rigger B ratings to military riggers.

CSPA's Competition Committee trains judges for national and international competitions.

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I understand that you are looking for the licensing organisation names
Switzerland : it was FSP/FSV/ (Fédération Suisse de Parachutisme/Fallschirm Sport Verein), now Swissskydive
We only have 1 license, and then a couple of extensions like Tandem Master, Instructor etc...
We also have a complement called SES (Skydive Education System) http://www.skydiveeducationsystem.com/en/ses/whats-ses-12.html to try and get a better formation in the various disciplins.
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