Ever have a FB travel farther than the main?

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Had a chop. It was in a very open area with just small (<6") and flat as a pancake. Know where it was chopped (video) and know where the main landed. Have searched the area between them many times (3 days) and no luck finding it. Help. It's a Wings and they don't stock these parts. 2-3 weeks wait

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just small... trees?
It'll be in the trees.
You should look in a fairly wide area but chances are it'll turn up right where you thought you looked 3 times already.
There was something said elsewhere that someone used a drone to find lost gear. Do you know anyone with one?
It's fucking depressing looking for chopped shit, knowing it must be there somewhere. But don't give up if it's as open as you say, it'll be there.

Have you tried looking at night? Might sound daft but, If you have a good torch it might be much easier to spot the out-of-place colour/shape of a freebag in a tree without the glare of daylight.

Good luck!

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