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Throw out vs Pullout

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After a 14 year layoff, I made my first jump yesterday, due to a hanggliding accident that left me paralyzed below my knees. I jumped a PD Navigator 280 just fine. Is there a better canopy out there with a smaller pack volume that has a powerful flare/stopping power??? Looking to purchase gear that will work with my disability.

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Low pack volume fabrics allow you to pack a 310 square foot canopy into a container designed to hold a 280. These canopies are as strong, and fly similar to canopies made of old-style F-111. Zero porosity, low pack volume fabrics fly and flare and last similar to old-style ZP fabric.


I just packed a Performance Designs Optimum 215 reserve into a container that previously held a Smart 190 canopy. The container was snug around the Smart. It previously had been ridiculously tight around a Fury 220 resefve with Dacron suspension lines. The Optimum reserve's low pack volume fabric is easier to compress and made for a neater pack job even if the final product weighs the same.

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