Rio Santonil

Aon2: Brilliant Pebbles (Audible Altimeter) Feedback

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i bought one and was looking at making my own altimeter with a pi zero.  while talking to one of the support guys that make it I mentioned it came on when i plugged the charger in.  he said i had one of the bad ones that hasn't came back yet, then sent me another one from the factory.  turns out they had a resistor in the wrong place on some of them that made it do that.  they even let me keep the old one.  best support ever in my opinion.  it also works really well, but so did the one they told me was bad.  the only downside is needing an android or computer to change any settings.  that isn't much of a hassle at all to me, since i have my phone with me every day anyway.  if you have an iphone, it doesn't have the app, so that is another downside.  i would say it is the best purchase i have made in a while.

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