Cessna 206 empty weights?

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We are operating 1968 U206C and I was looking for data from risingup.com. They stated that empty weight of U206 A-E should be around 1725 lbs or 782 kgs.

Our 206 weights 913kg or 2012 lbs empty and I was wondering if other 206's weight the same or should we seriously start to search for lead-ballasts installed on the fuselage :D

After all the difference between the numers is 131kg or 287 lbs which equals to two skinny jumpers or one full-grown-up-skydiver!

So, how much does your 206 weight empty?


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Sorry Harri but you'll never find a 206 that weighs so little unless it has undergone major refurbishment with weight loss as the only goal. Cessna's stated weight is for an airplane with the barest minimum of equipment. Over the years radios, wiring, insulation, debris, etc accumulates and you find yourself with a heavy aircraft. Start pulling out unnecessary equipment, wiring, etc and you may recover a bit.


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That's what I was thinking about too. Risingup.com notes aren't that reliable afterall. Weighing is done around 5 years ago and it is done with current skydiving equipment installed - as far as I know.

Our plane is an ex-amphibian, so there are some modifications in the fuselage for sure.
Flap gap seals: yes
Larger tyres: yes
Don't know wheather the 3-blade prop is an update too. It also has tons of old radios and instruments...

But the difference of almost 300LBS sounded like some Lead plates installed by a rival skydiving-club ;-)

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