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Hey guys. I got a problem. I did my aff and got myself to 76 jumps in about 2 months when i was backpacking i Australia. I am now back in Sweden, perfect for the winter... (snow and shit)
Is it possible for me to jump in lets say Spain during the winter time with my Australian licence or do i have to transfer it to a Swedish one?

(The DZO said could not jump on my Australian in Sweden because i'm a Swedish citizen)

And one more thing, they said that i'm forced to to a few AFF jumps when converting (including 2 instructors) which i thought sounded a bit strange. Or is it legit?:)

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Phone up the DZ that you want to jump at and ask them what their policy is. Most of the DZs in spain have a lot of foreign visitors so they probably have a stock answer.

I think it's common to have a rule where citizens of a country have to have to be accredited by their own country's governing body when jumping in their own country. I've heard this about other countries too.

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Your Australian license will be fine in Spain.

The citizens not jumping locally with foreign licenses thing is standard. You will probably want to convert eventually, as your national association are surprisingly useful over your jumping career, and dealing with the APF over long distances will be annoying.

Individual dropzone owners can require literally anything at all in order to jump there. It's pretty unusual to put someone with 70 jumps through multiple 2-instructor jumps to transfer over, but you would normally expect at least a 2-way checkout with an instructor... in the grand scheme of things though this is a hoop and I'd just jump through it.

Go to Spain too, obviously. Whatever your licensing organisation, at your stage of the game staying current over winter is a great idea :)

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