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Requesting Assistance on valuing used gear

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Hi all, I was in the sport around 2012 and had my own rig but its been years since I've last used it and recently at skydive chicago and when I spoke with some of the staff, they said you either gotta jump it or sell it! So I'm selling it, but I've been out of the sport so long I have no idea what to list it at, I just want whatever is fair and to help get it back in the air jumping out of planes!


Its a Mirage G4, has about 45 jumps, with a Cypres AAD (not sure exact model number), an ICARUS safire 2 169 canopy, and a PD reserve - I believe 145 sq ft, used once (last jump, my packer did a poor job and reserve worked!).


I've attached some images. I've never sold a rig before, should I bring it in to a DZ to get an inspection before hand, or is that typically done at same time when the rig is delivered/handed off?


Thank you!










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edited # of jumps on rig. My AAF jumps were on DZ's gear.

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You need to tell us the date of manufacture of the reserve and main canopies, plus the AAD? Also jump numbers on the main?


I'm a very new licensed jumper, but considering I've been looking the used marked a lot lately because of that, I feel I could give a opinion.

Assuming the AAD was removed, or expired. if the canopies are from the 2009 era as the same as the rig, and have only 45 jumps on the main, just a few reserve repacks.  I'm kinda thinking 4000 or more.

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People will be wondering how the system was stored all those years and if damages are present

It would be best to get all the components inspected by a rigger then get his feeling on the value of the system and post the rigger inspection with your ad to prevent unnecessary questions.

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I've sold several rigs and had them all inspected by ChutingStar.  They gave me a 2-3 page detailed inspection report and handled the money transfer.  I was very satisfied..Check with the used prices on this forum and you will get close to the value of your gear.

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