Base jump with skydive gear

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The best skydive container would be the Mirage Mirajeb, engineered towards base jumpers, which would allow you to use a large main canopy and still have a reserve. The drawback would be instead of the skyhook, you would have to use the new Mirage TRAP mard system, which hasnt been out very long, so it isn't "tried and true" yet, so it could pose risk.

You would also want a PD optimum reserve, because it gives you more square footage per packing volume. An optimum 126 packs the same as a PD 113 and it would be safer for you.

Also don't forget to turn cypress on at the bottom of the building, so it will be calibrated correctly. Also if it is a changeable mode, you might want to put it on "student" mode.

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>I jumped Auburn Ravine in 1985 with my Bullet container, a 240 sq ft Delta Cloud and a pilot chute in my hand.

I made my first BASE jump with a Swift container (they actually once made containers) and a Pursuit 215 with a sewn-on tailpocket, a mesh slider and a 42" pilot chute. Had a reserve also that was just along for the ride.

Rookies! I jumped El Cap with a Javelin, 32" pilot chute, PD190> no D bag.

I'd like to jump my Katana 120 off of that Dubai building.

Hey Omar, hook me up!:P

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