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Now that's a coincidence!  I haven't been on this website in ages and today I get on it and the first thing I see is my name.  Long story here, but I'll keep it short.  In 1982 I was transferred with FedEx from Atlanta to Knoxville, Tennessee to work as a ramp agent.  Knoxville's not exactly the skydiving capital of the world, and moving to Knoxville put it four hours farther away from Z-Hills and Deland.  Shortly after moving here I went back to grad school (for all the years it took my wife and I began to call it "gradual school") and I eventually got my Master's and Ph.D. in forensic anthropology, started my own company working with law enforcement, medical examiners, and coroners to identify human skeletal remains, and have been with it ever since.  Between being farther away from the big boogies, the pressure of grad school, and running my own company something had to give, and it was skydiving, unfortunately.  The last jump I made (just short of 1000) was in 1996 at my 30-year class reunion.

I was in Pennsylvania a few years ago working on some unidentified remains and stopped by a drop zone just after Dave DeWolfe made several jumps on his 80th birthday.  We had a great time reliving the glory days of The Herd, Soss, Whale, the Herd t-shirts photos, the funny stuff that happened (on the Herd's loudspeaker one day at the Turkey Meet they called out "Sunday, Sunday, see Hooper stuff flaming nitrous bottles up his ass and ride to 12-5 without a ticket!  Sunday, Sunday!"), stuff Carbone used to pull, and lots of other stuff I can't remember.  I still have a photo of Dave at the Herd Boogie one year walking around in a cardboard box buck naked.  If you donated to The Herd, he would pull a string that raised a little cutout door in the front of the box, displaying Dave in all his naked glory.  Nobody but Dave!

I really miss the skydiving days, but at this point in life I'm too old and brittle to pick it up again. 

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