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Elissa Slotkin of Michigan, the Democratic party, and the future

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This is a good article on a Democratic representative from Michigan, who flipped her Trump-voting district in 2018 and kept her seat in 2020. Her take is that it's not just the Republicans who have to change, but the Democrats too. Not in their views, but in their approach. As someone who naturally tends to use a lot of big words and tries to stay current, I'll admit it hit kind of home. But her point about each party governing only half of the country, with the other half feeling rejected and resisting, isn't going to get us anywhere.

That there are forces that have led us here is somewhat irrelevant, other than trying to specifically counter them. But regardless, the path to a more united future is from where we are, not from the halcyon 1950's (either the heavy tax 50's or the mom-at-home 50's), nor the awakening early 1970's, nor the money-mad 1980's.

Worth reading, and there isn't a paywall.

Wendy P.

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