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Nuno Henrique

Plan to work abroad with License B

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Hello, I'm new in this forum and I have a question that is concerning my future, maybe here is the best place to ask about it. 

So, I'm European and I'm new in the skydiving sport, I've done just 2 tandems and I plan to do the AFF Course and reach the License B before I leave my country. My question is, as I don't have that much information besides everything I search on the internet, till what I know now at least, it's only possible to make a live with skydiving by being a packer, a camera flyer or a tandem instructor (as far I know), so I plan to leave my country to Netherlands, but I plan to leave with 50 jumps, and all I want to do is being able to live (earn life with the sport) at the same time I jump to reach License D and turn tandem instructor, but to that I need the 500 jumps, can anyone tell me if it's possible to being able to live only with skydiving before the 200 jumps to be camera flyer & 500 to be tandem instructor? Thank you and sorry maybe this is too much a newbie question but it's really concerning my future. 

P.S: Another thing that is concerning me is that Netherlands is a country with not much great weather environment to jump, you think that it's an obstacle to live with skydiving there as it may be days where it will be impossible to jump? Also if I only have 50 jumps, the thing is that I love that country I want to move there but being able to work only with skydive I won't search for anything else to pay rent, jumps, etc... 

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2 hours ago, Bokdrol said:

Rigger rating = work in all weather conditions and more 'friends' than Frank Sinatra

Hi Bokdrol,

I doubt that he could sufficient work to 'work in all weather conditions.'

I was there a few years ago & there are plenty of well-established riggers working there already.

But, one can always try.

Jerry Baumchen


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