After flaking and before S-folds, setting the canopy down

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I’ve noticed that when packing, when I go to set the canopy down it tends to get pretty sloppy and distorted. Sort of just drapes all over my arm during the setting process and I feel like the lines get a bit moved around and the fabric unflaked


Obviously it’s not the end of the world but it would be nice to be able to neaten up that part of packing


I try to keep forward tension on the fabric while doing it but doesn’t seem to be enough to keep the canopy shape in place

Do you guys have any tips on keeping the flaked shape the same when setting it down?

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1 hour ago, Quagmirian said:

After you roll the tail, keep one hand on the roll under the canopy, and the other near the slider grommets.You can then put the canopy on the floor while holding tension on it.

That’s usually what I do, but it seems the fabric starts to drape over all the sides of my hand I have on the roll under the canopy

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