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On 9/22/2020 at 10:45 AM, LuisMaison said:

Is it possible to add padding to the shoulders on an older Vector 3 (2004)?

Since nobody more qualified has answered yet:

Check how much stitching goes through the shoulder pad area to see how difficult it would be to access the area.

On some really old rigs (eg Vector II) it was easy for me to add some padding between the fabric layers, because almost no stitching had to be taken out to get access, to slide new padding in from the back, sliding it between the actual harness webbing inside the container layers, and the layer next to one's shoulder. Which is where the original old and maybe worn out foam is.

But as rigs got more complex, there's more likely to me more stitching through the shoulder area -- e.g., for a Vector RSL or Skyhook RSL, there are long stretches of velcro sewn on in the the right shoulder pad area, with the sewing through more than just the top layer of fabric, and sewn through the existing foam layer I think. Things change again when there is spacer foam added to the backpad (on newer rigs), but that tends not to have sewing through it. 

So I don't know for sure what it would be like on your older Vector 3, but anyway,  a rigger could make a good guess at it if they see the rig.

(Since I'm a rigger and not in a TSO-required area, to fix an older rig of mine with too much sewing in the shoulder pad area, I just sewed some backpack straps under the shoulder straps, almost like an RI Curve's Bio Yoke... Probably not an option for you, although one might argue that a hand tacked version would not be a permanent modification to the rig itself. )

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Did you buy the harness new ... custom-built for your body?

Most fit problems arise with second owners who are a different size. Also remember that total height is not an accurate measurement of spine length or harness (MLW) length.

First ask a rigger to see how well the harness fits you.

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