"Skydiving" Magazine Early Issues

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Hi Kevin,


viewable online

Mike once said that the early issues were actually pasted together on his girlfriend's kitchen table.

I would guess they would not be unless someone took the time to scan them and upload them.

Jerry Baumchen

Sounds like one could do that in Councilman's basement!

Could help pass the time between "... puts the lotion on the skin, else it gets the hose again".


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Are there issues of "Skydiving" magazine viewable online ? I'm interested in 1980 issues.

Kevin K.

Hi Kevin !!
back, many years ago, Mike made available "back issues" and offered,,, either the "first half of the total" OR the " 2nd half of the total... "
I Bought and received the First Half,,,,, and have been kicking myself ever since,,, That I did NOT get them ALL.....:S[:/]:(
anyway, If you have a particular issue, Month and year... I can see if it is among the ones I Have...
The full cardboard box which he sent me,,,, ( and which Included 5 or 6 Tee Shirts, Which I Now cherish ) is safe and sound and on a shelf in my "gear closet "
lemme know...and I Will Look...
jimmy in Rochester....

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