high altitude wing suit jump

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hello all friends
we ( a group of Iranian skydiver ) are working on a high altitude wing suit jump over Alam Kouh mountain(4848 m or 16000 ft).
beacuse of our lack of experience in this field we are looking for usefull information for doing this jump safer .
there is some basic information about this jump :
- we start our flight from an airport with height of 1150m - 3800ft .
- our flight takes about 75 minutes to reach drop height .
- we also spend 30 min in 6000 m - 19700 ft before the jump .

any tips and suggestions appreciated .

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In the US there is a program for citizens to learn the effects of low oxygen at high altitude by taking a one day class that includes a ride in a high altitude chamber (vacuum chamber) . Lets you learn how high altitude effects you and how stupid you get. These are d9ne on military bases, at least mine was, so travelling to US to take advantage of it is probably not an option. In addition it takes many months to get a slot in the class, last I knew.

IF you can arrange or have something similar in you country it would be valuable to do.
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Did that many years ago. We organised ours through the local Aero club, it made it easier for some reason (but that was when skydivers were regarded as lunatics.

Maybe the Aero club is a good place to start...most pilots would be keen if you need to get a group together. Most militaries would have the facilities to do so.

Just don't do the explosive decompression part of it if you value your eardrums.....
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