Cookie G3 vs G4 sizing

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G3 xl with 1500+ jumps and 50 tunnelhours

G4 xl with 130+ jumps and no tunneltime


In my experience the G4 in xl is bigger than the G3 in xl. It’s a very small difference but considering my G4 is still not really broken in like my G3 I‘m considering changing the G4 to size L. 
Maybe the small difference in size is exaggerated due to the weight difference, as the G4 is heavier and wiggles more easily when you move your head. 


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In general its one size smaller. My 4-way team all moved from G3's to G4's, one went from M to S, another went from L to M and one stayed on L.  Personally I went from XL to M.  I have a long face and needed the XL in the G3 to fit aorund my chin, but it was loose around the head.  I tried on G4's and found the M fit better around my head and was long enough to fit the chin.  It was definately a snugger fit but I prefer it.  I did a weekend swapping between the G3 (which as a camera mount) and my G4 and much prefer the G4 fit.

If you have the opportunity you can always see if you can try some G4s on now that there's quite a few around.

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