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3 hours ago, kmzamani said:

Could you posibly please inform me what is the requierement for a skydiver to be an S&TA ? 


From the USPA Governance Manual, available for free here:


"Safety & Training Advisors

1. The regional director appoints S&TAs and forwards the appointments to headquarters for processing. a. The appointments should be made in consultation with the drop zone owneroperator, while recognizing that the advisor is a representative of USPA, not the drop zone. b. The appointment of a DZ owner, operator or employee as the S&TA should occur only if another suitable candidate is not available. c. The following qualifications are required: (1) be a current USPA member (2) have made a minimum of 50 freefalls within the past 12 months* (3) hold at least an instructor rating* (4) hold a D License (5) be willing to endorse and promote USPA policies (6) attend the regional director’s annual S&TA meeting* *Items marked with an asterisk may be waived by the regional director. A letter of exception will be included with the appointment forwarded to headquarters. The regional director may appoint himself as an S&TA as long as the minimum requirements are met. 1-4: Regional Directors USPA Governance Manual • Section 1: Governance USPA Governance Manual • February 2019 • 1-4: Regional Directors — Page 20 United States Parachute Association® Publications USPA Governance Manual • Section 1: Governance 2. The regional director will hold at least one meeting of S&TAs each year to— a. promote uniformity of S&TA activities b. enhance communications between the regional director and the S&TAs and among the S&TAs c. provide a forum to exchange experiences, ideas, and methods of operations d. inform and update S&TAs regarding USPA policies, programs, and administrative procedures"

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